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Artworks    Philip Eubanks

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View from the Eisenhower A.JPG

View from the Eisenhower    24 by 18    Acrylic on Canvas 

IMG_4393 (1).JPG

View from Beith road    24 by 20    Acrylic on Canvas 

IMG_4391 (1).JPG

Near Blackhawk Landing    20 by 24    Acrylic on Canvas 

IMG_4392 (1).JPG

IIllinois  20 by 24    Acrylic on Canvas 


Yellow Flowers    22 by 28    Acrylic on Canvas 


Outside of La Crosse  36 by 24    Acrylic on Canvas


The Way Home    24 by 24    Acrylic on Canvas 

Red Chair with Paintings   30 by 24    Acrylic on Board

(on display)


Golden Trees, Deep Woods   Acrylic   20 by 24 on Canvas

Guitar Tilted Against Desk    24 by 20    Acrylic on Canvas


Shadows   18 by 24    Acrylic on Canvas

Classical Apples    16 by 20    Acrylic on Canvas

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